Variations on a Theme by Haydn



For trumpet and piano.

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For six part trumpet ensemble.

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Variations on a Theme by Haydn (2010)

from “Day-tudes” vol. 2

for trumpet and piano

duration: 10’

The inspiration is obvious, of course: Haydn’s trumpet concerto is one of the most famous – if not THE most famous – of all trumpet concertos. As concertos go, it is also one of Haydn’s best. I was worried about doing variations on the theme of his 2nd movement, as it almost seems blasphemous. On the other hand,why not have a little fun? It’s not like I’m putting anyone’s life at stake!

The variations are pretty much in classic cornet-solo form: different meters, styles, a “fantasia”-section in a minor key, and technical wizardry. For the most part, the harmonies are somewhat traditional as well, with some modern tonal twists thrown in for good measure. I originally did these variations for my 2nd volume of “Day-tudes” (from April, 2010) – and I knew all along that someday I would be adding a piano accompaniment. I am very happy with the result, and could easily see this being a rewarding addition to the trumpet repertoire.

Some may choose to do only certain variations as per their level on the instrument. In any case, I hope these prove to be fun for performer and listener! Three key options are included, so that the soloist may play on Bb, C, or Eb trumpet.

Jim Stephenson Dec. 24, 2010

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