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  • Martha Uncaged



    For solo trumpet and piano reduction

    five movements: ​​
    I. Caged Lion
    II. Denishawn – breakaway
    III. Interlude: Louis Horst
    IV. Interlude: Erick Hawkins
    V. Finale – Gravity
    (listen to all below)

    For solo trumpet and chamber ensemble.
    Solo trumpet + piccolo, flute, english horn, clarinet in A, alto sax, tenor sax, contrabassoon, trombone, 2 percussion, harp, piano, contrabass

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  • there are no words



    For chamber orchestra. (Purchase)
    11*21 – 11 (+Euphonium) 0 – 1 perc. – piano – vln – vc – cb
    View Chamber Score

    For full orchestra. (Purchase)
    2*3*32 – 422 (+euphonium) 1 – t+4 (opt. 6) – hp – pf – strings
    View Orchestral Score

    VIDEO  — Orchestral performance; Quincy Symphony, conducted by Bruce Briney

    For concert band. (Purchase)
    View Band Score

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  • The Storyteller



    (scroll down for performance videos)

    For trumpet, violin, piano, and offstage trumpet
    View Score

    For brass quintet with optional solo violin

    For solo trumpet with string orchestra
    View string orchestra score

    For solo trumpet with wind ensemble (Grade 3.5)
    View wind ensemble score

    For concert band with no solos (Grade 3)
    View concert band score


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  • 5 : 3



    For french horn and double bass     Score Sample

  • A Dialogue of Self and Soul


    (scroll down for video performance)
    For solo bassoon and piano reduction.
    For solo bassoon and optional voice, with wind ensemble (or orchestral winds.)
    For solo bassoon and piano quintet, with optional voice, and optional percussion.

    View Score

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  • Artfelt



    For flute, oboe, violin, viola, cello, and piano.

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    Score Sample

  • as the fireflies watched


    For solo tenor voice and chamber ensemble: Flute, Alto Sax, Bassoon, Trumpet, Cello, Bass, 2 percussion, and Piano / 15′ / Composed in 2020

    University of Southern Mississippi; Catherine Rand, director

    For solo tenor voice and chamber ensemble: Flute, Alto Sax, Bassoon, Trumpet, Cello, Bass, 2 percussion, and Piano.



  • At the River


    For brass ensemble and optional timpani and percussion.

  • Awakenings


    For two trumpets and organ.

  • Bold, Blue, and Bright


    For solo trumpet, six ensemble trumpets, and timpani.

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  • Cocoon



    For oboe, clarinet, violin, trombone, percussion, harp, and piano


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    View Score Sample

  • Colors


    For oboe, clarinet, and string quartet.
    For flute, two french horn, two trumpets, timpani, harp, piano, and strings.

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  • Come What May



    For french horn and flute     Score Sample FH and FL

    For french horn and guitar  Score Sample FH and GTR

  • Compose Yourself!


    Contact Jim Stephenson for full video



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    For 15 player chamber ensemble.
    1111 – 1111 – perc. – hp – str quartet + bass – narrator

    View Chamber Score

    For orchestra.
    *2222 – 3221 – t + 2 – hp – str – narrator

    View Full Orchestra Score


  • Concerto for Piano, Trumpet, and Strings




    Lisa Leonard, piano; Marc Reese, trumpet; Lynn University Sinfonia/Albert George Schram

    For solo piano, solo trumpet, and piano reduction.
    For solo piano, solo trumpet, and string orchestra.

  • Concerto in D (Vivaldi/Bach – Arr. Stephenson)



    For piccolo trumpet, strings, and continuo.

    View Score Sample