Glissin’ Up


For four (or more) solo trombones and concert band. View Score

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Notes on the music:

Glissin’ Up – as suggested by the title (which comes from the opening 4 measures) – is meant to be a fun, light-hearted work, where four soloists can simply enjoy their 6.5 minutes in front of the band. The request from trombonist Brad Kerns, and conductor Lafe Cook, came at a time where I had just finished several rather heavy and emotional works, so I was very much in the mood to clear the air.

While the solo parts are certainly written with advanced players in mind (of any age), the band parts are meant to be accessible by bands of almost any level. This was per request from the commissioners.

Performers should strive to equal the fun had in the outer sections with some down and dirty groove at rehearsal K!

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