Duo Fantastique


For two solo trumpets and wind ensemble.


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Duo Fantastique (2007)

for two solo trumpets and wind ensemble

duration:  10’

Commissioned by Eric Berlin with financial support from the the Charles Schlueter Foundation

Premiered by Eric Berlin and Charlie Schlueter, trumpet soloists, and the University of Massachusetts / Amherst Wind Ensemble, at the 2007 ITG Conference in Amherst, Massachusetts

It is a composer’s treat when he is asked to write music for people he respects very highly. Therefore, when Eric Berlin asked me to compose a new work for himself and Charlie Schlueter with concert band for premiere at the 2007 ITG Conference, I readily accepted. The two soloists, Eric, who was a fellow student at the New England Conservatory, and Charlie, my teacher at NEC, are fabulous trumpeters, and great people. Hence the title, Duo Fantastique, was an obvious choice.

After a brief rhapsodic introduction, the music shifts gears immediately to an almost overly- simplistic tune, where the main theme is put forth by the two soloists. This is done intentionally. I have been to many ITG Conferences, and have heard things done on trumpet I never thought possible (and I’m a trumpeter!); this perhaps being the expectation of many in the audience, I thought I’d put a new spin on it, and start it off nice and easy!

The piece weaves through a few variations on the theme before settling into a slower lyrical section, meant to highlight the unique musical abilities I remember from Mr. Schlueter and Mr. Berlin’s trumpet playing. I also allow the two soloists to add their “signature” in this section, drawing on their respective initials, C.S. (or Bb- Eb) and E.B., for musical inspiration.

The piece ends with the anticipated up-tempo music, and is punctuated in the last couple measures with an inside joke that Schlueter students may remember from their lessons with Charlie!

It has certainly been a delight to write this work for Charlie and Eric, and I would like to thank the Charles Schlueter Foundation for its support in the creation of this new work.

Jim Stephenson May, 2007

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