Call, For Unaccompanied Trumpet


For Unaccompanied Trumpet

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Call (2003) for solo trumpet

Duration: 3’

Premiered by Jim Stephenson in 2003

Call for trumpet was written out of necessity for a lecture demonstration I was doing as part of the Naples Philharmonic’s Meet the Musician series of 2003. The focus of my talk was to be about my life as a composer and as a trumpeter. I realized a few days before the event that I was not going to have an accompanist available (to demonstrate any of my other trumpet works), and that I would need an unaccompanied solo piece to tie it all together.

The piece “calls” upon many different aspects commonly associated with the trumpet:  fanfares, rapid-tonguing and jazzy riffs. Though originally conceived for C trumpet, and premiered as such, it would easily work well for B-flat also.

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