Bassoon It Will Be Christmas




For two (or three) solo bassoons and piano reduction
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For two (or three) solo bassoons and orchestra.
*3*3*30 – 4331 – t+2 – hp – str

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For two (or three) solo bassoons and wind ensemble
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BasSOON It Will Be Christmas combines some of the most popular bassoon excerpts with some of the most favorite Christmas carols. For example, who knew that “The Marriage of Figaro” (Mozart) fits perfectly with “Joy to the World”?! Others include “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (We Three Kings) and “Symphonie Fantastique” (Pat-a-Pan), some Tchaikovsky (6th symphony), Beethoven (4th), and some Mozart bassoon concerto here and there for good measure.

Composer Jim Stephenson, well-known for very serious concert works (concertos for nearly every instrument) and humorous novelty numbers (such as Concerto for Cell Phone), had a lot of fun with this one! 

BasSOON It Will Be Christmas for three (or two) bassoons and piano reduction

Finally, a piano reduction created for this very popular holiday piece to feature the bassoon!
Originally created for solo bassoon section (two or three players) with orchestra, and then wind ensemble (or concert band), now bassoonists can gather their friends and present this on recital with piano accompaniment.

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