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  • Printemps


    For String Quartet.
    For String Orchestra.

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  • Re NU



    For Bb clarinet, French Horn, and Percussion (two players)

    Watch world premiere performance

  • Red



    For solo trombone and trombone ensemble.

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  • Reflections for French Horn


    For French Horn and Piano.
    Score Sample
    For French Horn and Bassoon

  • Reflections from Maytudes



    For french horn and bassoon     Score Sample

    For french horn and flute     Score Sample

  • Road Not Taken


    Concerto for bass trombone and trombone ensemble.

    View Trombone Ensemble Score Sample

    Concerto for bass trombone with piano reduction.

    View Piano Reduction Score Sample

  • ROCOmotive



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    For chamber orchestra – *2*2*22 – 2200 – t(doubling on percussion)) +1 – strings – celesta


  • Scenes from New England


    For trombone, piano, and percussion.

    [waveplayer ids=”9316,9317,9320,9318,9319″]

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    [waveplayer ids=”12580″]

  • Scram! for Orchestra RENTAL: First Performance



    For solo trumpet and chamber orchestra *2222 – 2222 – t+2 – strings

  • Soliloquy



    For (optional) trumpet, and organ

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    View Score Sample


  • Sonata for Flute and Piano, American Portraits



    For flute and piano.

  • Song-tudes


    Set of 31 etudes for Trombone, Bass Trombone, or Tuba

    Recordings of Song-tudes #1 through #4 by Charles Villarubia, tuba:

    [waveplayer wave_color=”#005588″ wave_color_2=”#0088bb” progress_color=”#dd3333″ progress_color_2=”#dd9933″ cursor_color=”#eeee22″ cursor_color_2=”#dd9933″ ids=”20817,20818,20819,20820″]


    Trombone Score Sample

    Bass Trombone Score Sample

    Tuba Score Sample

  • Spirit of Song


    For SATB choir with piano.

  • Spitfire


    For trumpet and string quartet.

    WATCH VIDEO w/ Mary Bowden and Kassia Ensemble

  • Star Spangled Banner


    For seven part trumpet ensemble.
    (2 picc. tpts + 5 Bb tpts.)
    For full or chamber orchestra. *3*3*32 (picc, eng horn, bass cl optional) 4331
    (tpt 3, bass tbn optional) t+3 (SD, BD, Cym) Orch Bells (opt) – hp (opt) – str



  • String Quartet


    For two violins, viola, and cello.