Set of 31 etudes for Trombone, Bass Trombone, or Tuba

Recordings of Song-tudes #1 through #4 by Charles Villarubia, tuba:


Trombone Score Sample

Bass Trombone Score Sample

Tuba Score Sample

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from Charles Villarubia – soloist and Senior Lecture in tuba at UT-Austin:
“I love these pieces for so many reasons. They are in a perfect register for the contrabass tuba and can be a wonderful addition for jury or recital pieces for students who don’t own a bass tuba. They also put the emphasis on what to do with the works in a musical way as (in my opinion) they are more challenging musically than technically.”


#1 – Mission Augustus
#2 – Leap-Deprived
#3 – Straussed Out
#4 – Die Yet, Diatonic Diet
#5 – Shirl 4-1, and All for Shirl
#6 – Anniversar-E’s
#7 – Deland of Delost
#8 – Etude du Jour-ney
#9 – What Time is it?
#10 – Key-less entry
#11 – Lazy, Hazy, Crazy…Maybe
#12 – Waltzin’ and Dragon
#13 – Reel Chantsy
#14 – SS Britannia
#15 – Brahms Away
#16 – Never Odd or Even
#17 – Off the Beat and Path
#18 – Sharp Attack
#19 – Sevenths Heaven
#20 – Check (your) Register
#21 – Freshly Squeezed
#22 – Re-treat
#23 – Finer in Minor
#24 – Czech’s in the (e)-mail
#25 – Catchin’ some (minor) Re’s #26 – Ballad of the Three B’s
#27 – Pause-itive Thinking
#28 – Klavier meine shafte
#29 – Sky-tude: a 38,000 feet feat #30 – C’s the Moment
#31 – Cease Our Augustus

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Chicago area composer James Stephenson’s works have been performed by leading American orchestras, including an original score for the San Francisco Ballet, the Chicago Symphony, the St. Louis Symphony, and Minnesota Orchestra, and has been hailed by critics as having “straightforward, unabashedly beautiful sounds”. (Boston Herald). Additionally, he has composed for “The President’s Own” US Marine Band, and has written many works for acclaimed international soloists. His music incorporates a fresh and energizing sound scape that delights the audience while maintaining integrity and worthwhile challenges for the performing musicians. This rare combination has rewarded Stephenson with a host of ongoing commissions and projects.

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