Yehtudes Plus 1 – Clarinet Duets


For two clarinets.

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Duets created from: A clarinet etude project in consultation with John Bruce Yeh, the long-serving Chicago Symphony assistant principal and solo E-flat clarinetist. 12 etudes created, focusing on common clarinet issues decided by John, and where each title is based on a recipe from blog-posts (“my name is Yeh”) created by his daughter Molly.

Eggboy’s Birthday Cake

“Yehtude” #1 – “getting over the breaks”

from composer Jim Stephenson:

This “Yehtude” is created as an effort to focus on those commonly known breaks that exist for the clarinet player. Rather than to continually compose notes that deal with these well-known notes/intervals, I decided instead to try to create something that is (hopefully) musically rewarding, where the player’s primary goal is to focus on music, and to overcome technical issues in order to achieve their artistic vision. This is what would most often occur in the repertoire, and it was my goal to emulate that idea. Tempos should be used only as a guideline. Each player may choose to go slower or faster, per their particular needs.

I thought Molly’s “Eggboy” title would coordinate best with an etude dealing with “breaks”.
I hope you enjoy my sense of humor with all of that, and that it makes you feel “sunny side up”, as John put it.

Jim Stephenson: July 2, 2018

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