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  • The Devil’s Tale


    (sequel to Stravinsky’s L’histoire du Soldat”)
    A “Palindrama
    For violin, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, bass, percussion, and narrator. View Score

  • Thinking


    For trumpet, clarinet, bassoon, violin, cello, and piano.

  • this is most certainly true



    For concert band.

    View Score

  • Three Bones Concerto


    For three solo trombones and wind ensemble.

    View Wind Ensemble Score

    For three solo trombones and piano reduction NEW!

  • Three Impromptus


    For unaccompanied french horn or horn and piano.
    For unaccompanied trumpet or trumpet and piano.

  • Timeless Treasures



    For solo voice and orchestra.
    solo voice – 2*322 – 4231 – t+3 – pf – hp – str

    View Score

  • Together


    For string orchestra

    View Score Sample


  • Trench Coat


    Grade 4.5

    For concert band.


    View Score

  • Trio Sonata


    For violin, trumpet, and piano.
    For flute, trumpet, and piano.

  • Trumpet Sonatina #1



    For trumpet and piano



  • Tuba Duets Daytudes Plus 1


    Collection of 15 Tuba Duets

  • Tune for an Ill-Tempered Clavichord


    For soprano and piano


    Oh, once there lived in Kankakee
    A handy dandy Yankakee,
    Alone and lean and lankakee
    Cantankakerous Yankakee.

    He slept without a blankaket
    And whiskikey how he drankaket.
    This rough and ready Yankakee,
    The bachelor of Kankakee.

    He never used a hankakee.
    He jeered at hanky-pankakee (Wooh!)
    Indeed to give a frank account,
    He didn’t have a bank account.

    And yet at times he hankakered
    In marriage to be anchachored.
    When celibacy rankakles,
    One dreams of pretty ankles.

    He took a trip to Waikiki
    And wooed a girl named Psycheche,
    And now this rugged Yankakee,
    ‘S’a married man in Kankakee.

    Good night dear friends,
    And thankakee.

  • Two Brothers



    For chamber orchestra.
    *2222 – 2220 – t +1 -(opt hp) – str – narrator(s)

    View Chamber Orchestra Score

    For full orchestra.
    *3*3*32 – 4331 – t+4 – hp – str – narrator(s)

    View Full Orchestra Score

  • Unplugged


    For 8 Trumpets

  • cover Valse Miniature

    Valse Miniature



    Solo Contrabass and Orchestra
    solo contrabass 1021 – 1000 – 0+1(or 2) – str

    View Score

  • Variations on a Theme by Haydn



    For trumpet and piano.

    View Score

    For six part trumpet ensemble.

    Watch Video

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