Meditations and Grooves



For orchestra.
*2*3*32 – 3231 – t+3 – hp – str



Meditations and Grooves (2012)

for orchestra
duration: 7’

Commissioned by the Quincy Symphony Orchestra Association; Bruce Briney, Music Director

Premiered on April 22, 2012

Notes from the composer:
Meditations and Grooves is a study in the contrasting nature of life. Most of us are in a constant search for peace, whether this be inner or outer. The opening section is meant to be very calming, almost like music you might hear in a massage parlor, or “sleep music”. (Coincidentally: when I was composing this section, I had a hard time staying focused, because I would always become tired. I hope this is a good thing!). The jarring music of the next section reflects how we are either awakened from this meditative state by outside forces, or perhaps even by are own mechanisms, as we are unable to stand the relaxed state. (My mind is always running, so “relaxed” states for me are very hard to achieve). We eventually fall into a “groove”, and the music begins to dance.

The calming music returns, but gradually melts into a very decided jazzy groove. This is meant to celebrate the joys in the rhythms of life: in other words, oftentimes when we are doing what we love, we are most relaxed, no matter how rigorous the activity.

Both elements of the work are intermingled in the short coda of the work, as the music gallops to a close.

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