Chase Sequence


For Brass Quintet

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for Brass Quintet

duration: 8′

Commissioned/Premiered by Valor Brass

I have the had distinct pleasure of working with the US “President’s Own” Marine Band on several occasions.
The musicians are no doubt some of the best in the country.

After returning from my most recent engagement with them (premiere of my oboe concerto), I happened upon a publication announcing that the brass quintet from the Marine Band would be featured at the ITG (International Trumpet Guild) Conference just two months later.

I immediately contacted Master Sergeant Matthew Harding, who had performed my
trumpet concerto TWELVE times (ouch!) on the band’s recent west-coast tour, to see if they had determined their program yet. If not, I suggested the possibility of my writing a new work for them to premiere at the conference. Much to my delight, they agreed!

“Chase Sequence” – as might be expected – features the ensemble members imitating one another in close proximity with motifs throughout, each one trying to “catch up” with the previous player. The music is often repeated, transposed a slight interval higher, resulting in the sequence, as named in the title.

More than anything, I wanted to compose an exciting work, with grooves, interesting harmonies, and sweeping triumphant figures for which brass instruments are so well-known. I knew I could write a challenging work, given the quality of players with which I was dealing – but in the end, I certainly wanted “Chase Sequence” to be an enjoyable experience for the listener as well.

Jim Stephenson April 20, 2011

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