Tune for an Ill-Tempered Clavichord


For soprano and piano


Oh, once there lived in Kankakee
A handy dandy Yankakee,
Alone and lean and lankakee
Cantankakerous Yankakee.

He slept without a blankaket
And whiskikey how he drankaket.
This rough and ready Yankakee,
The bachelor of Kankakee.

He never used a hankakee.
He jeered at hanky-pankakee (Wooh!)
Indeed to give a frank account,
He didn’t have a bank account.

And yet at times he hankakered
In marriage to be anchachored.
When celibacy rankakles,
One dreams of pretty ankles.

He took a trip to Waikiki
And wooed a girl named Psycheche,
And now this rugged Yankakee,
‘S’a married man in Kankakee.

Good night dear friends,
And thankakee.

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