Timeless Treasures



For solo voice and orchestra.
solo voice – 2*322 – 4231 – t+3 – pf – hp – str

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Original words and music by James Stephenson. An original ballad to bring us back to what is truly important at Christmastime.

Look around you, not at the toys of life, but at the joys of life.
Love surrounds you; set your heart free.
Gifts abound you, not just from those now near, but throughout the year.
Light has found you; let your eyes see.

Try to capture not just the race of time, but the grace of time.
As life moves faster, savor each day.
Put to pasture, any un-mended rifts, or untended tiffs.
Our love enraptures, let’s pave the way.

Timeless trea-sures: it’s the now, not the after, both the tears and the laughter.
Take it measure by measure, Embrace simple pleasures.
Timeless treasures: it’s the path not the prize, both the lows and the highs.
The cure for life’s pressures: Timeless Treasures.

Seize each instant, cherish that hug or that smile, going that extra mile.
Freeze each minute, framed in your mind.
It feels no different, whether we’re young or we’re old, wrapped in cloth or gold;
Be insistent, treat all in kind.

It’s not about the “Who goes where?” “Who does what?” Who’s with who?”
Your status should remain unchanged.
Look for love not beyond right around you. In a book of life, stay focused on the page.


Timeless treasures: it’s the here, not the there, showing loved ones you care.
Embrace simple pleasures! Timeless Treasures: 

Look around you, not at the toys of life, but at the joys of life. 

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