Sunburst Fanfare



For Concert Band

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for concert band

Commissioned by the New Jersey Wind Symphony; Chris Wilhjelm, director

duration: 2:20

piccolo, flute 1-2, oboe 1-2, English horn, bassoon (2 players) Eb clarinet, Bb clarinets 1-3, bass clarinet
alto saxophone 1-2, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone

Bb trumpets 1-3, French horns 1-4, trombones 1-2, bass trombone, euphonium (2 players), tuba (min. 2 players) timpani + 7 percussion
percussion instrumentation:

Mallets 1: glockenspiel, marimba (shared w/ M3) Mallets 2: xylophone
Mallets 3: chimes, marimba (shared w/ M1) Percussion 1: suspended cymbal, crotales Percussion 2: triangle, snare drum

Percussion 3: bass drum, wood block Percussion 4: hi-hat, closed (sempre)

My many thanks to my friend Chris Wilhjelm, for his interest in having me write a brief fanfare to help
celebrate the NJWS’s 40th anniversary season. The music is meant to be ebullient, full of life and energy, similar to a celebratory feeling like the NJWS is experiencing. The concert date of March 31 also brought to mind the beginning of spring, and the coming of warmth and (hopefully) a lot of sunshine; hence the title. My hope is that their 40th anniversary brings about much continued confidence and continued hopes for joyful musical “life” to come for Chris and his ensemble, which is reflected in the character of the music.

~ Jim Stephenson; January, 2023

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