Spinning Wheel



For trumpet and piano.

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Commissioned and premiered by Robert Sullivan at the 2015 ITG Conference in Columbus, Ohio

I have now been very fortunate to have composed two works for Robert Sullivan, professor of trumpet at the Northwestern University Bienen School of Music. This one, at his request, to be written for his feature recital at the 2015 International Trumpet Guild (ITG) to be held in Columbus, Ohio.

Bob asked for a work more “popular” and “lyrical” in nature.

Bob is one of the rare individuals who – through his trumpet – combines musicality with a beautiful sound, agility, strength, and exceptional lyricism. I tried to expose all of these qualities in “Spinning Wheel”, while creating a work accessible in nature, yet imbued with subtle depth.

The title comes from the roundabout left hand of the piano, as it weaves its way throughout most of the entire work. The hemiola effect creates a sense of infinite motion, and propels the music forward.

Jim Stephenson; April 30, 2015

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