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For french horn and piano

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Solemn May
May 13, 2020

Version with piano accompaniment commissioned by Helen Wargelin

From “Maytudes” – a french horn etude project in consultation with Gail Williams, with one etude created every day during the month of May, 2020 for french horn and piano commissioned by Helen Wargelin from composer Jim Stephenson (from original Maytudes etude book): Not a ton to say about this one. It kind of speaks for itself, and about the current times. I start by hinting at a motif from Salome, an opera by Richard Strauss, hence my horrible pun for a title. The most famous motif from the opera is quoted almost exactly – starting at the end of measure 56 through 60. I wanted to do a lyrical lower horn etude all the way through. Even with its mostly gloomy mood, there is still
a ray of sunshine at the end. That’s just who I am, I guess. I try not to get too “Straussed” out.

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