Magic of Christmas



For solo (youth) vocals, children’s choir, and SATB choir and Orchestra.
*3*3*32 – 4331 – t+3 – hp – kybds – str 

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Original words and music by James Stephenson.


It’s in the air,
from the first snowfall it’s clear; Christ-mas is near.
The lights in the houses glow,
graced by winter’s shimmering snow
The warmth of the flickering fire, raising the season’s spirits higher.
It’s in the air,
tell it to all you hold dear:
The Magic of Christmas is here.


Decorations hung, while carols are sung,
the trees are snow-covered,
the twelve days get numbered.
The eggnog is tasted, the turkey gets basted.
It’s Christmas, The Magic of Christmas is here!


It’s in the air,
since the First Noel did appear, this time of year.
Excited children show
faces rosy and aglow
The sound of the symphony choir, singing out their heart’s desire.
It’s in the air,
fam’lies gathered in the hall with good cheer;
The Magic of Christmas is here.


Stockings waiting, the lovers are skating,
the holiday shopping, fresh pies with whipped topping.
The snap in the air, the snowman’s straw hair;
the candy’s delicious, we won’t be nutritious!
Too much peanut brittle for Santa’s big middle.
It’s Christmas! The Magic of Christmas is here.


Everyone’s singing, bells are ringing,
the tinsel is draped, wrapping paper is taped
and the sleigh bells all jingle, Here comes Old Kris Kringle!
It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!
It’s Christmas! The Magic of Christmas is here.

The Magic of Christmas is here!
The joy of the world is clear!
The heavens shine bright
through the glorious night.
Breathe in the magic, form year to year!

Magic: it’s in the air!
the Magic: it’s in the air!
Christmas is in the air!

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