L’esprit de la Trompette


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For solo trumpet and piano.
For solo trumpet and concert band.
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L’esprit de la Trompette (2012)

for solo trumpet and concert band
duration: 4’

Jose Chafer, a magnificent trumpeter from Spain, agreed to be the lead-force in commissioning this new version of L’esprit de la Trompette, for performance in Spain; almost two dozen others signed on to help fund the creation of the new orchestration.
A list of the co-commissioners for the band version: Captain David Alpar, Richard Ashmore, Eric Berlin, Kevin Brand, Barb Chickosky, Glenda Cloutier, Matt “Doc” D’Errico, Robert Frear, Kevin Gebo, Marcus Grant, Dr. Brittany Hendricks, Elaine Johnson, Charles Pagnard, Peter Piacquadio, Raquel Rodriguez, Richard Rulli, Terry Sawchuk, Donald Scott, Pat. $haner, Richard Stoelzel, Dr. Mary Thornton, Frank Zahn

Program Notes

from the composer
L’ESPRIT de la trompette is probably one of the most unusual, yet rewarding, “commissions” with which I’ve ever been involved.

A few years ago – I think 2008 – I got to know a young trumpet player named Brittany Hendricks. She became interested in my music, and eventually went on to perform my very difficult trumpet concerto #1. Almost immediately she struck me as someone very talented (in many fields, including writing and drawing), and also very dedicated to her craft. I was in touch with her again in 2012, when we were both at the International Trumpet Guild conference in Columbus, GA. I asked her if she had plans for the summer, and after she had responded indicating “not much”, and idea struck me to try to provide for her the opportunity to attend Richard Stoelzel’s Grand Valley International Trumpet Seminar.

The idea was this: I would send out an offer to all the trumpet players I knew, where, if they were to consider donating just $10, I would take the money and use it to provide for Brittany’s tuition to the seminar. In addition, they would all receive a newly composed piece for Brittany to perform there, plus another work, and get a recording of Brittany’s debut performance. I thought that, if I was lucky, I might get $1,000.

To my delight, in just three days, I had raised $2600!! With the extra money, I decided to send two more students to the seminar.
L’esprit is the piece composed for the occasion. It was my hope to capture the spirit of all involved, in an up-tempo uplifting work that might be immediately enjoyable to all. I am truly amazed by the generosity embodied by all who contributed.This work is not only dedicated to Brittany, but to the nearly 100 participants who donated money to the cause. I hope we can do it again!

Bravi tutti!!

James M. Stephenson June, 2012

Flutes 1-2, Oboes 1-2, Bb Clarinets 1-3, Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax. 1-2, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax Horns 1-2, Trumpets 1-2, Trombones 1-2, Bass Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba Timpani, Percussion, Contrabass [optional] Solo Trumpet
Percussion: 3 PLAYERS Perc. Instruments needed:
Triangle Sus. Cymb. Glockenspiel Vibes Wood Block Tambourine Splash Cymbal Snare Drum Bass Drum Cymb. a2

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