Legacies for Three


For three trumpets and piano.

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Legacies for Three (2013)

for three trumpets and piano

duration: 5′

Commissioned and written for Bill Pfund, Wiff Rudd and Christopher Wilson. Premiered by them in June 2013 at the ITG conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan

This trio was written as part of a trumpet “family-tree” project that Wiff, Bill and Chris were putting together. Each of them were “related” as trumpet-students, and shared many common teachers from a wide assortment of backgrounds. After opening with a “Fox-esque” fanfare (because of a common bond to one of the trumpeters in that recording), “Legacies” captures those relationships, where each teacher plays a solo and symbolically hands off the baton to their student, before all play triumphantly together in the finish.

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