Kleiner Walzer



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Grade 4


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Kleiner Walzer

Teresa Carreño trans. Stephenson
duration: 3 minutes
grade: 4

María Teresa Gertrudis de Jesús Carreño García (December 22, 1853 – June 12, 1917) was a Venezuelan pianist, soprano, composer, and conductor. Over the course of her 54-year concert career, she became an internationally renowned virtuoso pianist and was often referred to as the “Valkyrie of the Piano”. Carreño was an early adopter of the works of one of her students, American composer and pianist Edward MacDowell (1860–1908) and premiered several of his compositions across the globe. She also frequently performed the works of Norwegian composer and pianist Edvard Grieg (1843–1907).
Carreño composed approximately 75 works for solo piano, voice and piano, choir and orchestra, and instrumental ensemble. Several composers dedicated their compositions to Carreño, including Amy Beach (Piano Concerto in C-sharp minor) and Edward MacDowell (Piano Concerto No. 2).

James M. Stephenson (b. February 4, 1969) has a multi-faceted career as composer, arranger, conductor, and educator.He has written more than 300 original works, and over 100 arrangements. He has written for many types of instrumentations, including major orchestras, ballet companies, wind ensembles and soloists.


piccolo, flute 1-2, oboe, bassoon, Bb clarinet 1-3, bass clarinet
albto saxophone 1-2. tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
B trumpet 1-3, horn 1-2, trombone 1-2, euphonium (2 players), tuba
glockenspiel, xylophone 1-2 (one instrument), marimba 1-2 (one instrument), triangle, maracas double bass

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