Jubilant Light and Fanfare Prelude




Jubilant Light = 8′30
Fanfare Prelude = 1′30
Prelude and Jubilant Light = 10′
Commissioned by the University of St. Thomas Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Dr. Matthew George, conductor.
Dedicated to Al and Mary Agnes McQuinn in recognition and appreciation of their generosity and support of Music at St. Thomas.

Program Notes

During one of my many trips to Minneapolis, I had a meeting with Matthew George, the conductor of the St. Thomas Symphonic Wind Ensemble.
Matt is well-known in the concert band world as having been responsible for numerous commissions of new works over his decades-long career in the business. I have been very fortunate to have been the recipient of a few of these.

This time it was to discuss a very unique work, for a unique project. Matt had just been given the task of producing the PBS televised broadcast of his university’s annual holiday concert. His challenge to me was very specific: to create a work roughly 8 minutes in length, that could both serve as a jubilant closer to the holiday concert, but could also be taken on tour to Europe the following summer – at a very non-Christmas time of year. Furthermore, he wanted a pre-concert fanfare composed, for just 12 antiphonal brass; but one that could also fit comfortably super-imposed at the end of the proposed work,
but also could be optional, so as to not have to take 12 extra brass players on the subsequent tour… Sure – no problem, I said…

Therefore, “Jubilant Light” is a festive work, full of sparkling orchestration and uplifting and tuneful melodies. There is an optional fugue – for the tour performances – that can be easily cut whenever warranted. The “Prelude fanfare” (scored separately) is a 90 second heroic and grand brass introit. It reappears, at the end,
as instructed, gloriously ringing from all angles of the concert hall.

As always, I wish to show my gratitude to Matthew George, for his continued interest in the creation of new works for winds. I am very honored that he has repeatedly come to me for new works. I dedicate “Jubilant Light” to him, and also to Al and Mary Agnes McQuinn, for their support of this new work.

Jim Stephenson; October 7, 2015

Performance Notes:

It is intended that the antiphonal group be spread equa-distant around the concert hall.
Group 1 should be stage right (but out in the hall), Group 2 in the middle (in the hall), and Group 3 stage left (hall).
Standing in balconies where apropos would be most welcome.
For the opening “Fanfare Prelude” (scored separately), there is scoring for onstage brass as well. While optional, this would be encouraged,
as it would provide a 4th antiphonal ensemble.
If possible, 2 sets of chimes should be used for the opening and closing fanfares, and if possible, they should be on opposite sides of the stage.

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