In the Moment


For concert band (Grade 4)

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In the Moment

For concert band (Grade 4)
Duration: 6′

Commissioned by Downers Grove South High School Wind Ensemble; Craig Alan Roslieb, director
Premiered on May 17, 2018

          piccolo, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, english horn, 2 bassoons, Eb clarinet, 3 Bb clarinets,
          bass clarinet
          saxophones: 2 altos, tenor, baritone
          3 Bb trumpets, 2 french horns, 2 trombones, bass trombone, euphonium (2), tuba
timpani, double bass
          percussion (ideally 9 players):
          mallets 1: xylo, bells (2 players)
          mallets 2: marimba, chimes, vibes (1 player)
          percussion 1: hi-hat, guiro, shaker
          percussion 2: tambourine, splash cymb., temple blocks, wood blocks
          percussion 3: boom-whackers, 4 toms, hi-hat (shared w/P1), sus. cymb., bongos,
agogo bells
          percussion 4: boom-whackers, snare drum, triangle, sus. cymb., maracas
          percussion 5: claves, boom-whackers, triangle, wood blocks, finger cymbals, splash
cymbal, cymb a2, agogo bells (shared w/ P3)
          percussion 6: bass drum, sus. cymb., cabasa, bongos

The music:

First – to set the stage for why this piece is composed as it is, perhaps it is best to quote the words of Craig Roselieb (for whom it is dedicated). Craig writes:

We all as music educators, myself included after 33 years, are still searching for ways

  to keep students engaged in moments of music making.  With all of life’s distractions, ie. social media, racial and political tension, and the average pressure put on high school students to produce good grades, high test scores and AP credits, it is increasingly difficult to keep music making as a priority in our daily lives.  I am grateful, as are the many different music students in our school, that we have 50 minutes each day to pull ourselves out of the pressures and distractions of our environment, and create musical moments together.  The true blessing of being a music teacher for so many years is that each day has at least one of these moments, and these are what keep us coming back to work each day for more.”

I was particularly interested in the “distraction” part, in correlation with being “in the moment”, and how they both might might fit into a piece needed to honor the significance and magnitude of celebrating Craig’s 33 year career. Therefore, this piece is filled with little unexpected surprises (distractions). Almost always the piece is meant to NOT go where the listener would expect, whether through rhythmic, harmonic, dynamic, or melodic diversion. But through those devices is the reality that the piece forces the students playing it to be completely in the moment. It’s an entirely “listenable” tune that requires the utmost concentration in every single measure, so as to pull of its intricacies in style and nuance.Craig points to the “true blessing” of having 50 minutes each day to create musical moments. It is my hope that this piece provides those challenges that make the successful performance of this work only amplify the joy of hard work and perseverance spent together in that environment separated from outside noise.

Congratulations Craig! Enjoy your moment!

Jim Stephenson; February 13, 2018

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