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  • Sonata #1 for Trumpet


    For trumpet and piano.
    (performed by Matt Sonneborn and Richard Bosworth)

    [waveplayer ids=”12056,12057,12058″]

    [waveplayer ids=”12057″]

    [waveplayer ids=”12058″]

  • Sonata #2 for Trumpet


    For trumpet and piano

    LISTEN: Joe Nibley, trumpet.

  • Sonata For Bassoon and Piano


    For bassoon and piano. View Score
    Watch score while listening

    [waveplayer ids=”13820″]

    [waveplayer ids=”13822″]

  • Sonata For Clarinet and Piano


    For Clarinet and Piano.

  • Sonata for Euphonium and Piano

  • Sonata for Flute and Piano, American Portraits



    For flute and piano.

  • Sonata for French Horn

  • Sonata For Oboe and Piano


    For oboe and piano.

    3rd mvmt – performed by Keri McCarthy and Karen Savage

    Listen HERE
    (3rd mvmt is one of my favorites)

  • Sonata for Soprano Saxophone



    For soprano saxophone and piano

    View Score Sample

  • Sonata for Trombone and Piano


    For trombone and piano.

    VIEW VIDEO – Brian Wendel

    [waveplayer ids=”9323″]

  • Sonata No 1 for Piano



    For solo piano – By Maddie Stephenson

    Watch Video

    Score Sample

  • Sonata Rhapsody “The Arch”


    For bass trombone and piano. (original version)
    For bass trombone and wind ensemble.

    View Score
    (Also available with orchestra, entitled Concerto Rhapsody “The Arch”)

    [waveplayer ids=”9331″]

  • Song


    [waveplayer ids=”13916″]

    For trumpet, and piano or organ.
    For violin, and piano or organ.

  • Song-tudes


    Set of 31 etudes for Trombone, Bass Trombone, or Tuba

    Recordings of Song-tudes #1 through #4 by Charles Villarubia, tuba:

    [waveplayer wave_color=”#005588″ wave_color_2=”#0088bb” progress_color=”#dd3333″ progress_color_2=”#dd9933″ cursor_color=”#eeee22″ cursor_color_2=”#dd9933″ ids=”20817,20818,20819,20820″]


    Trombone Score Sample

    Bass Trombone Score Sample

    Tuba Score Sample

  • Songs of Remembrance - Horn and Piano

    Songs of Remembrance


    For French Horn and Piano.

    [waveplayer ids=”13824,13825,13826″]

    [waveplayer ids=”13825″]

    [waveplayer ids=”13826″]

  • Sound and Fury


    For trumpet, and piano or organ.
    For violin, and piano or organ.