San Francisco Ballet premiere: WOODEN DIMES

See the fantastic trailer to WOODEN DIMES, my new vaudeville-inspired ballet score for the San Francisco Ballet, which premiered in March, 2021. The choreography was done by Danielle Rowe, and was conducted/produced by Music Director Martin West. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to write my first original ballet for such a storied … Read more

Stephenson named “Musical Collaborator” with Grand Rapids Symphony

I have been engaged to create reduced chamber ensemble orchestrations of many standard works, for production for the Grand Rapids Symphony’s new 2020-21 online concert series: Pathwaves. Of particular note is the opportunity to create eight new arrangements for a Nov. 13/14 special concert featuring the acclaimed violinist Joshua Bell and renowned soprano Larisa Martinez. … Read more

New Adaptable (Flex) Ensemble Music

In an effort to meet the needs of ensembles seeking flexible music for these uncertain times, Jim has created the following Adaptable (Flex) Ensemble scores. He has created multi-level works for those middle-school, high-school, university, professional  orchestras/bands looking for music at the appropriate level. Furthermore, he has created what he calls “Flextets” – chamber music … Read more

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